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Lecture Description

Topic #1

“Doc, it was never a problem until you fixed it!” Simplifying bioactive/regenerative dentistry….from prevention to perio to porcelain

Doc, that tooth never hurt until you “FIXED” it. Certainly, you’ve done a restoration on an asymptomatic tooth only to create a tooth that was cold sensitive or that the patient couldn’t bite on. Have you had a patient come in carrying in their hand that crown and post you just placed a month ago? We all have.

Stress in the dental office happens when thing just don’t go as well as planned. Was it the material, technique, or just the patient? Today there is a myriad of newer restorative materials and techniques with seemingly endless choices in adhesion, cements, composites, ceramics and graft materials… could this stuff be any more confusing? They key is having an arsenal that is predictable, almost universal in application, and comfortable. When do we etch, bond, cement, rinse, blow, cure, drill, sand blast……? Let’s stop the madness.

The goal of this course is to simplify every day, real practice dentistry and do it with great efficiency and predictability. This comprehensive course will cover both direct and indirect restorations with the latest regenerative materials and techniques that all practices can benefit from. We will not waste tome talking about procedures dental practices seldom do, but learning to enjoy practice more with repeatable, patient pleasing success using BIOACTIVE/REGENERATIVE dentistry in everything from perio to We will cover many topics including perio, prevention, direct and indirect CAD/CAM that can provide the most biofriendly, long lasting restorations ever. We will learn how to do it right the first time and to make the practice more enjoyable and efficient.

Learning objectives:

  1. Regenerative Direct Dentistry… newer regenerative/bioactive direct restorations with great contours, contacts, and comfortable aesthetics
  2. Regenerative cementation … The most durable indirect esthetic restorations EVER. From planning, to preparation, to placement with CAD/CAM, lithium disilicate, and zirconia…both simple and complex.
  3. Tooth replacement…planning for success with socket preservation, bridges, and implants
  4. Comprehensive aesthetics…Taking biofriendly principles to the front of the mouth, every day cosmetics and the foundations for success.
  5. Realizing the ULTIMATE GOAL…happier patients, happier dentist

Topic #2

“I Have Selfie Issues” … Photography, treatment and the heightened smile awareness

The selfie may be the best patient motivation tool in the history of dentistry. Because patients see themselves in photos and often don’t like what they see, dentistry can provide the solutions for them.

From the dental office point of view, photography today is the basis for our marketing, social media, in office patient awareness, case acceptance, documentation, and our development as a cosmetic provider. In this day of heightened cosmetic awareness, we have more opportunity and are held to higher cosmetic standards than at any time in dental history. Great photos should be routinely used to plan, prepare, evaluate, and correct our cosmetic cases.

This course features the utilization of photography into every aspect of dentistry today. We will discuss how to capture and use digital images in all parts of the practice from the patient consultation, case planning and delivery, to marketing and practice promotion. Emphasis will be placed upon separating yourself from other clinicians by your case documentation, development of the office portfolio, a great web site gallery, and what images to take to help the patient accept the cosmetic work you want to do.

You will have fun learning all of this by going through many clinical cases from start to finish and the photography used to make it all happen for cases from single tooth porcelain matching to complex restorative/cosmetic cases. The basics of great portrait photography will be demonstrated while emphasizing how to capture the emotion needed to have other patients ask for your cosmetic expertise. Dr Griffin brings the equipment he uses every day in practice and shows efficient and predictable ways of achieving excellent results. For participation courses, it is encouraged (but not mandatory) for participants to bring the equipment they normally use for help with set up and capturing techniques. This is the course you need to obtain consistent, high quality images.

Lecture outline:

  1. The basics of digital photography equipment and what buttons to push
  2. Mastering the basic images – consistent series for all applications from Instagram to lab communication
  3. Cosmetic treatment – planning, prepping, and perfecting cosmetic cases
  4. The portfolio – excellent photography to market…having patient WANT dentistry you like to do

Lecture Instructor

Dr. Jack Griffin


Dr Griffin is a full-time practitioner and has owned multiple practices in the St Louis area for over 25 years. His first passion is to provide excellent dentistry with a cosmetic emphasis in a very comfortable manor. Jack is a humble teacher and considers it a great honor to have been asked to teach thousands of dentists how to make practice more successful and rewarding while having fun.

He has earned Diplomate status with the American Board of Aesthetic Dentistry (ABAD), Accreditation in the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry (AAACD), Masters in the Academy of General Dentistry (MAGD), and Fellow International Academy for Dento-Facial Esthetics. He has had the honor of being published many times, contributed to product review and development, is a member of the highly respected Catapult Group of instructors, and is a clinical director for the Pacific Aesthetic Continuum.

Dr Griffin has been chosen one of the “Leaders in CE” for many years, has been chosen as a “Top Dentist” in St Louis, and one of “America’s Most Honored Professionals” many times.

Jack is a humble teacher and considers it a great honor to have been asked to teach thousands of dentists how to make practice more successful and rewarding while having fun. Some of his lecture topics include regenerative materials, comprehensive aesthetics, cementation and adhesion, digital CAD/CAM dentistry, digital photography, and passion for practice. Jack knows has been blessed to be surrounded by those who make the dental experience both rewarding and enjoyable and is thankful to those who have invested time to laugh and learn with him. Dr Griffin feels very fortunate to earn over 98% “excellent” for all lectures since 2008. Please see testimonials and course descriptions below.