Program Overview

WDS Membership is open to Dental Professionals and Students. Membership includes five (5) lectures throughout the year.  2023-24 Membership Renewal and Updates Coming Soon.

General Membership

MDA Licensed Dentists up to the age of 69 in 2023

Senior Membership

For Dentists 70 years of age or older in 2024

Non-Licensed Dentists

For those not licensed in Manitoba

Blue Cross Coverage for 2024

The 2024 premiums for the Blue Cross Group Insurance Plan have increased as a result of the high usage of the plan.  However, it is still a very good plan for the premiums.

2024 Premiums

Plan I – Covers Ambulance, Semi-Private Room, Medical Hostel Accommodation

  • Single – $18.00
  • Couple– $36.60
  • Family– $36.60

Plan II – Includes the benefits of Plan I plus prescription drugs, private duty nursing, cardiac rehabilitation, dental treatment for accidental injury, prosthetic appliances, medical equipment, physiotherapy, chiropody, nutritional counselling, clinical psychology, athletic therapy, travel protection up to age 70, vision, massage therapy

  • Single – $1442.40
  • Couple– $3133.68
  • Family – $3133.68

Please Note: If you opt out of the plan you will not be able to get back in the plan.

For a complete explanation of the coverage view the Blue Cross Benefits view the PDF below.

If you need to apply for Manitoba Blue Cross you can download the fillable PDF application form below.